I’ve played Empire Total War as Great Britain between 1700 and 1715. The aim of the was to ”capture and hold 25 regions by the end of the year 1750, including shown. England, Georgia, Ireland, Gibraltar, New France, Hindustan, Scotland, Florida, Leeward Islands.”

As it is stated in the article  “A Historian’s Reflections on the Video Game “Empire: Total War”, there are colonial powers in the game and playing as a colonial power such as, Great Britain, Spain and it might be very helpful to develop your state, however, these things happen if you do not forget that you are playing as a colonial empire. I forgot that therefore I could not realise the benefits of it and I can not explain the good sides of it. But, I think the bad side of non-governing the your colonized lands is that it weakens you. I could not realise while playing the game but now  I understandwhy Spain was more powerful than me and why Spain easily won the wars that we fought against each other.

In this game you can also lead your troops directly. Also it is stated in the article that navy power is an important factor in the game especially for colonial empires. It was not easy for me to play as Great Britain because it was an colonial empire so my navy should have been stronger than it was. I think, this was one of the reasons why I could not gain a victory against Spain in sea warfare.

You can also see the relationship between one state and yours, the relationship can change according to many factors such as the religion of the state, both nations’  history of warfare and colonial expansions. The relationship between me and France was hostile, I think both of the factors that I have given as examples have affected it. Firstly, Great Britain is Protestant and France is Catholic. Also, as we all know, there were wars between these two nations for instance, The Hundres Years’ War, which started in 1337 and the war was over in 1453. Both France and Great Britain were colonial empires so when they want to colonize the same place, or even they think that the other one has more colonies than them, it is normal that they fought agaiınst each other and naturally they were not best friends.


  1. Wark, M. (2012). A Historian’s Reflections on the Video Game “Empire: Total War” (2009). [online] Making History Matter. Available at: [Accessed 10 May 2016].



Berfin Nur Şahin






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